Ferimpex Srl, who are we?

Company specialized in the import and export of frozen fruit

Ferimpex is a leading company in the marketing of frozen fruit, aseptic and deep frozen fruit purees (offering, amongst others, the excellence of Ravifruit products) and deep frozen citrus fruit juices and other frozen fruit juices across the whole of Italy and abroad.

The company’s innovative products, wide assortment, constant launch of new products and its wide range of services represent  the added value offered to our customers. Punctual and prompt deliveries are also a guarantee of a constant supply of the company’s products throughout the year.

Ferimpex operates worldwide offering its variety of products to food companies specialising in the production of jams and dairy products, to manufacturers of semi-finished products for the ice-cream and bakery sectors, distilleries and so on. The company’s products are also intended for the catering sector, artisanal ice-cream and pastry makers and bakers, and they feature key ‘plus’ points for these sectors: quality, reliability, competitiveness.

Our company relies on a modern, solid and flexible organisational structure which helps us serve an increasingly demanding market. Over the years, this has allowed us to reach an excellent quality in the services we provide with the support of experienced and professional staff.

Our thirty-year experience is the cornerstone of the wide range of services we offer which includes third-party warehousing at both negative and positive temperatures.

We can also deal with the whole distribution phase on behalf of our customers: warehousing, packaging of frozen food through the use of an innovative equipment, order receipt, picking, billing and administrative and accounting management of the warehouse inventory.

We invite you to browse our website to find out more about our offers and services. Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information you may require or to give us any suggestions: our operators will be pleased to welcome you as our current and future customers.

Our main services:

A new organisational structure and an increasingly demanding market are the underlying reasons for our top-quality services, which the company has developed with the support of experienced and professional staff Over the years Ferimpex has been able to select reliable partners to best meet the needs of leading food companies Being the logistics partner of many external customers, Ferimpex has the responsibility of ensuring the daily supply of products to its customers